Multi-WAN bonding with 4G/LTE

This sample senario represents a typical router/CPE deployment with single (or dual) SIM as backup to primary WAN.

  • Can use any type of WAN connection (eg. fiber, PPPoE, ISP ONT/modem)
  • Can use SIM cards from same or different providers for LTE, both SIM can be active active at same time
  • WAN is the primary, LTEs are used as backup.

Common use cases

  • Enterprises requiring resilient WAN/Internet connection
  • SD-WAN deployment for remote branches, retail outlets or bank ATM
  • Bus Wi-Fi

Deployment preparation

  • Connect HSA WAN to Internet (ISP link ONT or modem)
  • Insert operator SIM cards into SIM slots
  • Connect management PC to one of the LAN port (configure PC with DHCP, then connect to mbox GUI using, login with root/Letmein99)

2-Step deployment from sample config

  1. download sample config for HSA1-MWAN
  2. follow this video guide to deploy HSA by restoring from sample config

Sample config default settings

  • the WAN port is pre-configured to get dhcp IP from ISP ONT/modem (or upstream router). If you need to change interface IP/route, please follow this guide.
  • WAN port is the primary
  • LTE SIMs are backup to WAN (active/active while WAN fails)

NOTE for older/used box

    1. upgrade your HSA box to firmware version 20181220-0100, and above (follow this guide to upgrade firmware)