14. mfusion cloud

mfusion platform simplifies SD-WAN deployments, and handles provisioning, configuration management and monitoring of all mbox appliances. (see details on SD-WAN solution)

The key function of mfusion cloud platform includes:

  1. Zero-config provisioning for mbox appliances (HSA, CMG, and HSG). When each mbox appliance powers up, it will auto "call-home" to mfusion, which hosts configuration repository, and administrator can simply push desired config to the targeted host without need for certified on-site engineer.
  2. Centralized management. mfusion provides centralized config management, config backup, firmware/patch management, and remote control (reboot) of devices without the need to SSH or console into each host. It has built-in config editor for modifying host config and instantly (or scheduled) push to target hosts, greatly simplifies operational supports.
  3. Centralized visibility. Once each host goes online, it's automatically monitored by mfusion, which provides complete visibility over network and device health status, and instantly alerts for faults or thresholds. Its customizable report module allows administrators to generate comprehensive usage reports and send to target audience without any administrator burdens.
  4. Service-provider focused. mfusion is primarily designed for ISP or MSP to manage and support large mbox appliance deployments. Its super-tenancy dashboard access allows providers to give end customer access to their own devices for real-time visibility. mfusion can be provided as a physical appliance or virtual machine (VM) appliance. It's comes with it's pre-built, hardened and optimized mboxOS packed with all necessary applications so that ISP/MSP can immediately start provide end customer services.

Please refer to mfusion training videos for technical details.