Social media integration

Social media integration allows enables users to login with their social media accounts (eg. facebook and google + etc). With this integration, uses don't need to register for another WiFi accounts, and at the same time venue owners to capture user profiles for data analytics purposes.

  • During login, user will be prompted to read terms and conditions and they will be informed that their public profile information will be retrieved and kept for future marketing purpose by the Wi-Fi provider or venue owner.
  • Once user agree to proceed, mbox will pull down user public profile information (eg. name, email, mobile, gender, locales, etc) and store it into mbox RADIUS database .
  • mbox tracks and records each user login sessions (eg. username/email, IP address, MAC address, Login time, Log off time, duration of stay, total data usage per session, optionally associated AP name, AP MAC, SSID, etc).
  • Venue owner can export out the user profile data into csv and use the user contacts/emails for market purpose (eg. newsletter, new product updates, etc).
  • Venue owners can also export out user accounting data for data analytics

Login via social media account

Below is an example implementation using facebook and email. Once user logs in, their public profiles are pulled and stored inside HSG RADIUS, and venue owners can use their contacts for marketing purposes (users have to accept the T&C, which allows the venue owners to use users contacts for marketing purpose.)

Sample Configurations (Private WiFi with Facebook Integration):


security hotspot eth1 hotspot-id bigbox location "XXXBox" hotspot-wan eth0 hotspot-server ports 5000 5001 hotspot-owner "XXXBox" allowed-domain,,,, allowed-url,, client-network client-dhcp lease 900 client-dhcp-dns client-bandwidth 1024000 1024000 radius-server localhost testing123 hotspot-online-portal start


PS: See attached complete config below.

Capture emails without the need to login

In certain situations, for more seamless user logins, venue owners may just wan to capture user emails without the need to login. We can just ask users to input a valid email, accept the T&C and get instant access. Please refer to a sample video from youtube link or Gdrive link.