mbox not monitored on mfusion

Once an mbox is properly licensed and becomes online, it will initiate a contact to mfusion server and start monitoring automatically.

On the mfusion side, the mbox has to be added to the system, and assigned to the respective customer groups.

There’re a few key parameters to be provisioned for a new mbox monitoring:

    • hostname (this should be the MAC address of mbox eth0 interface, in the format of xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx). Note all alphabet characters have to be in lower case.
    • port number. each mbox will have a unique port number, assigned as part of the licensing parameters.
    • monitoring template. choose the correct template type for your mbox, depending on its respective model (eg. CMG, HSG, or HSA).
    • monitoring probe. choose the respective probe to monitor this mbox host, typically the cloudprobe.

It can take up to 5 minutes for a newly added mbox to turn green on the mfusion dashboard, but sometimes it remains red all the time. A few things to check:

1. Is mfusion agent running? Console or SSH into mbox from the mfusion portal (if you configured the correct port number, you should be able to do this, otherwise you should troubleshoot if mbox is really “online” in the first place). under “enable” mode, issue command “show mfusion agent” to check if mfusion agent is running. you should see something like this:

NOTE: If mfusion agent is not running, you probablly don’t have the correct license and should contact RansNet support for help.

2. mfusion agent is running, but still not turn green after more than 5 minutes. You should now check if the “host name” parameter is correctly configured. The “Host name” part of the host config on mfusion is case sensitive. Make sure to use all lower cases for any alphabet characters.

3. mfusion is running, hostname is correct, but still not working. Check if you’ve selected the correct monitoring probe to monitor your mbox. If you add a new host from the wizard, by default, no probe is assigned (that’s why it’s recommended to clone an existing mbox config and just change hostname and port no.