what are HSG licensing options?

HSG has extremely simple licensing options. Each model designates the no. of concurrent/active users supported. eg. HSG-800 supports up 800 concurrent active users. There're no seperate licensing/costing for the software modules.

Each box comes fully featured with all the advanced functionalities, eg. payment gateway integration, social media integration, SMS/Email integration, bandwidth/time/quote control, etc etc.

However, there're a few things to take note:

  1. HSG-200 can be upgraded to HSG-800 (same hardware), but HSG-800 can't be upgraded to HSG-2000 which is a higher end appliance
  2. HSG-2000 can be upgraded to HSG-5000
  3. HSG-15000 can be upgraded to HSG-25000

The costs are based on hardware models, no additional software module/licensing costs. And some potential additional charges

  1. Extended warranty and mCare (see details here)
  2. If SMS self-registration service is required, there'll be SMS charges. You can subscribe & pay to the supported SMS providers directly.
  3. If PMS integration is required, there may be additional costs. This is due to some PMS vendor licensing fee.
  4. If Cloud Ads subscription is required, contact our sales for subscribing to RansNet cloud ads server.