Dial PPPoE connection

Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) allow mbox to dial to ISP DSL service through an ethernet connection. PPPoE is getting less popular now but still exists in some countries.

In order to connect to PPPoE, we just need to connect mbox ethernet port to a DSL modem (with RJ45 connection) and input the given username & password (provided by ISP).

When configuring PPPoE interfaces, please note:

    • Usually, ISP will set DNS and default gateway for a PPPoE router. But mbox by default doesn't access DNS given by ISP, so you need to explicitly configure DNS by "ip name-server x.x.x.x y.y.y.y"
    • You can use the optional "default" command to accept default route given by ISP.
    • mbox supports connecting to multiple PPPoE connection (each ethernet interface connect to different ISP DSL modem), once PPPoE connection is dialed up, each connection will create a virtual PPP interface, if you have multiple PPPoE, the virtual interfaces will be named as ppp0, ppp1.... use "show ip interface brief" to find out the newly created ppp interfaces.
    • the PPPoE related commands are entered under the ethernet interface connecting to respective ISP DSL links
      • <username> username to for the PPPoE dial, given by ISP
      • <password> password to for the PPPoE dial, given by ISP
      • default (optional) accept default route given by ISP. Do NOT use this option if you have multiple WAN connections (usually you will configure MWAN with multiple WAN connections).


!interface eth0 description "connect to ISP/PPPoE" enable pppoe 101500223 20160205665 default!interface eth1 description "connect to LAN" enable ip address dhcp-server dns range!ip dhcp-server start!firewall-access 11 permit outbound ppp0!firewall-snat 11 overload outbound ppp0!

NOTE: when using PPPoE with Multi-WAN config, there're a few points to note:

1. the next-hop is usually dynamic or unknown, so in the MWAN config, use ppp0/ppp1 as next-hop, eg.

!ip route nexthop ppp0ip route nexthop ppp1ip route nexthop ppp2

2. the MWAN config is applied under ppp interface config, eg.

!interface ppp 0 mwan-group 0 track metric 1 weight 1!

Attached below is a sample config for configuring MWAN with PPPoE, where mbox is connecting to two ISPs, eth0 to ISP1 using fiber/ONT; eth1 to ISP2 using PPPoE/DSLModem.