Configure wireless settings

Below steps show basic HSA configurations scenario: create one for guest access (eg. SSID = mbox)

Go to wireless settings (Network --> Wifi). Remove existing un-needed config. Click Add next to the radio interface to add new SSID. (note: Configure same SSID settings to both radio (2.5Ghz, 5Ghz)).

1. Network --> Wifi --> Device configuration-->"General setup" tab, (optional) change radio channel to desired channels.

2. Network --> Wifi --> Device configuration-->"Advanced settings" tab, change mode and country code.

3. Network --> Wifi --> Interface Configuration --> "General Setup" tab, Change SSID name (eg. mbox), and create to a new network segment for wireless users (eg. mbox).


  • If you're using HSA purely as a AP only, just need to map the SSID to wan network (assume uplink is connected to WAN port)
  • if you're bridging wireless users and LAN users in the same subnet, just map to lan network.

4. Network --> Wifi --> Interface Configuration --> "Wireless Security" tab, configure encryption & authentication settings

5. Network --> Wifi --> Interface Configuration --> "MAC filer" tab, optional configure MAC filter to allow or disable list of devices based on MAC address

Save & Apply

NOTE: For dual band configuration, repeat above steps for the other radio interface.