cloud design (MAP)

This design uses complete suit of mbox solutions, eg. HSG as central gateway and MAP as AP for each location. It is a very simple and lean design solution for F&B and retail outlets.

The MAP can be plugged into any existing DHCP network environment (with direct Internet access), then it will call-home back to central HSG for provisioning, and activate wireless hotspot access for users.

You can have one or several MAP at each location, depending on size of the location, all centrally managed by cloud HSG.

Target environments:

  • Retail outlets
  • F&B chains


    • MAP redirects new user browsing to cloud HSG for captive portal and authentication. All MAP are centrally managed by clout HSG.
    • Typically used for multi-venue setups, with smaller amount of MAP at each location.
    • Internet traffic breaks out locally from MAP, so there’s better user experience.
    • Each site usually shares the same user database and captive portal.
    • Each location can have different login method or unique captive portal (while all of them are hosted on the central HSG), eg. location A can enforce self-registration with SMS; location B can login with facebook accounts etc.
    • This is the most efficient and cost-effective design, and enjoys speedy deployment.
    • Note only landing page ads is supported. No in-session ads is possible.
    • It is also possible to push different custom messages/ads (in-session ads) to user devices for different sites (each site is a unique zone)
    • Cloud HSG can still be managed by mfusion (by service provider).