Flash HSA/MAP firmware

Steps for flashing/upgrading HSA firmware:

NOTE: Please plug HSA WAN port to a DHCP network with direct Internet access. HSA needs to access Internet during the whole process.

Use WinSCP to connect to HSA, copy attached file to /tmp. Then use putty to SSH into HSA, and run below commands

chmod 755 /tmp/hsa-build.sh.x && /tmp/hsa-build.sh.x

NOTES: Each HSA must be licensed before it can be used. If an HSA is not licensed, it will automatically power off after running for 10 - 15 minutes.

Access the Service Management Portal from this link to request license (need partner login account).

Steps for flashing/upgrading MAP firmware:

1. Install TFTP server on your PC (download from attached file, rename to TFTPSvr.exe)

2. Download MAP firmware and store it in TFTP root folder:

- AP_RGOS11.1(5)B8P1_S1C2-05_03232416_install.bin is for MAP-520 (W1), wave 1 AP

- AP_RGOS11.1(5)B9P2_S1C2-16_03230415_install.bin is for MAP-520 (W2), wave 2 AP

- AP_130LRGOS11.1(5)B9P2_S1C2-04_03232310_install.bin is for MAP-130L, room AP

3. Plug MAP LAN/PoE port to a DHCP network and make sure it's reachable to your PC. Console to MAP and run below commands: (assume is your PC IP)

MAP-520#upgrade download tftp://

Upgrade the device must be auto-reset after finish, are you sure upgrading now?[Y/n]y

4. After reboot, add below default config (same for both MAP-520 and MAP-130L)

#config t!hostname MAP-520!cwmp acs url http://macc.ransnet.com:8080/service/tr069servlet cpe inform interval 30!log_mng set uu http://macc.ransnet.com:8080/macclog/log/upload!interface BVI 1 ip address dhcp!!interface GigabitEthernet 0/1 encapsulation dot1Q 1!end!write memory!config tap-mode fat macc

<it will reboot from here>