cloudx design (other AP)

CloudX design is for organizations having multiple locations and requiring a centralized user access control and flexible captive portal customization.

Target environments (multiple venues sharing the same access policy):

  • Hotel chains
  • F&B, retail chains

Selection of HSG vs HSA for each location:

  • Use HSA-500 for less than 50 concurrent user devices per site, up to 2-3 AP
  • Use HSG for more than 50 concurrent user devices per site, and many APs (actual model depends no. of concurrent users and AP)


    • Typically used for mid-sized, distributed networks, where they are multiple remote branches
    • Internet traffic breaks out locally from HSG/HSA, so there’s better user experience.
    • Each site has dedicated HSG/HSA, which gives more flexibility for user access control and differentiated user experience etc.
    • All remote locations can share the same set of user database (hosted on cloud HSG), share the same user access control policy and standardized captive portal design, or each location may have different login methods with unique customized captive portals, eg. location A can enforce self-registration with SMS with its own branded portals; location B can login with facebook accounts with different customized login portal, and so on.
    • This design offers the most flexible customization options to adapt to different requirements at each site. It supports advanced features like dynamic bandwidth control to adaptively allocate per user bandwidth to fully utilize backhaul capacity and maximize user experience.
    • It is also possible to push same or different custom messages/ads (landing page ads and in-session ads) for different sites.
    • While the hotspot processing and user session controls are localized at each location, portal customization and user accounts can be centrally hostsed at Cloud HSG, and all HSG/HSA can still be centrally managed and monitored by mfusion platform.