name server problem with HSA

Sometimes when you have configured custom name-server under HSA CLI (eg. ip name-server, but it's not taking effect, and maybe worst yet, the name resolution is totally not working.

The likely cause of this is because one of your interface (or more) is configured with "DHCP Client" protocol, eg. getting IP addresses from external DNS server, and HSA will by default expect to get DNS server IP from external DHCP server (eg. ISP provider). Then whatever HSA gets from the external DHCP server will over-write your CLI setting, which may not be desirable or totally different from what you wanted from CLI setting.

In the worst case, If the external DHCP server is not even assigning a DNS server IP through DHCP, the whole HSA (including users behind HSA) will have problems with DNS resolution. In this case, we need to tell HSA not to get DNS server IP from external DHCP server.

Just check which interface is configured with Protocol "DHCP Client", then under the interface "Advanced Setting", uncheck the option below (note if you're changing for WAN, please do this for both WAN & WAN6).