logout of existing session

Q: One of the client connected to the network and later on click “forget the network”, however when the device connected again, it can browse the internet without have to go through the landing page again. IP address obtained is the same it gotten previously. If I want to force user to re-login again, how to do it?

A: this is because the user/device session is still active on HSG. In order to force user to login again, we need logout the active user session.

  1. automatically timeout based on hotspot setting (eg. client-timeout xx in CLI or "idle timeout" in RADIUS profile setting.)

  2. manually log out by administrator

  3. manually log out by user

#1. auto log out is covered in a separate topic under RADIUS profile section.

#2 log out by administrator. Administrator will access to mbox RADIUS portal, RADIUS --> Report --> Online Users, select the target users to logout.

#3, logout by user. from user browser, type http://status.ransnet.com to logout from here.

NOTE: to check check existing connection status, from user device browser, type http://status.ransnet.com