Configure interface settings

Configure interface setting

Go to wireless settings (Network --> Interfaces). Note whatever interface configured here is just a logical interface. It should map to a physical interface or an wireless SSID.

Wireless bridge interface

If you are mapping a wireless SSID to an Interface, the interface should have been configured in step #3 of wireless settings (as a "Network" setting", then the local interface will automatically appear under "Network" --> "Interfaces", eg. br-mbox


  • if you're creating a new "network" in step #3, the new interface is auto added as an "unmanaged" interface. If you're running hotspot service on this interface (eg. br-mbox), you don't need to do anything; else if you may need to "Edit", to change "Protocol" to static, and enable DHCP service on this interface as well.

Edit interface settings

Click on "Edit" of the interface to modify interface properties. If you're adding new interface, click on "Add new interface" at the lower left corner.

3.1 General setup. Under general setup tab, set interface address under "protocol" field,

  • select ""DHCP Client" to get dynamic IP address from external server (usually for WAN interface),
  • select "Static address" to set a static IP for this interface (usually for LAN interface). Note if you set static IP for this interface, by default this interface is treated as LAN interface and it's enabled as DHCP server to issue dynamic addresses for internal client users. You can modify the DHCP setting under "DHCP server" section.

3.2 Advanced settings. This section is optional. You can leave default settings most of the time.

3.3 Physical settings. Map The local interface to a physical interface. By default WAN is mapped to eth0; LAN is mapped to eth1. If you are setting up a vlan interface, the VLAN should have been configured first, depending on if the VLAN is setting on the LAN side (Multi-VLAN switching) or WAN side (Multi-WAN trunking).

3.4 Firewall settings. Assign the interface into a firewall zone to be used for firewall access policies (to determine traffic coming into this interface should be permitted to pass through or should be denied).


To configure HSA-100LTE interface to connect to local carrier 3G/4G network,

- under the interface protocol, select protocol "UMTS/GPRS/EV-DO"

- modem device "/dev/ttyUSB0"

- Service type "UMTS/GPRS"

- APN "<provider APN>"

Follow above section #3.4 to assign this interface into "wan" firewall-zone.

Click "Save & Apply"