Basic IP related settings

There are a few essential parameters related to general IP settings.

    • Default IP gateway. This is compulsory if WAN interface is not using DHCP.
    • name server setting. This important for mbox to connect to mfusion portal for central monitoring and configuration management.
    • host mapping. Map a specific hostname to a IP address, instead of using name-server resolution. This is generally optional unless there are specific requirements.
    • DDNS client configuration. This is needed when WAN IP address is dynamic, and sometimes we need to connect back to certain internal hosts. DDNS client updates periodically on the mbox WAN IP address so we can connect to the mbox using DDNS domain names from outside.



!hostname mbox!!Configure LAN and WAN interface settings!interface eth0 description "connection to Internet" enable ip address dhcp !interface eth1 description "to internal LAN" enable ip address!DHCP scope for Internal users ip dhcp-server dns domain range!!general IP settingsip host!ip name-server ! ip dhcp-server start!!Optional, DDNS-client setting (for updating dynamic WAN IP)ip ddns-clientserver updates.opendns.comlogin xxx123host mbox@xxxstart!!Firewall rules to permit access and PAT! firewall-access 10 permit outbound eth0 ! firewall-snat 10 overload outbound eth0!