provision mbox SSH keys

mbox can be remotely managed through encrypted SSH tunnel, via remote mfusion (eg.

Before each mbox is allowed to connect, to ensure security and authenticity, we need to generate individual SSH keys (private and public key pair) for each mbox, and import its public key into mfusion.

Below steps/works are usually performed by RansNet engineers or RansNet partner engineers. If you're a partner support engineer, you should have been given partner account to login to prior to this.

Step 1: generate SSH keys on remote mbox. Login to mbox, under enable mode

mbox# ssh-key export


Please copy below key into server.

Use key identifier as: 00-90-0b-44-a7-1a

-------copy below text in one line------------------

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDQgd8oX4frUUyqYVDMty6ZpkJpuI6cbDTkrPFweHww3FYquUIvq188RazM5FndRg1kDBq8lJ15Lyp+qGfi7VU2C5IMt79dsUkwxefZmlKyzDotrl0AV0uLUMqQQNgdO4Gt/WUyCdZk9Tm7rWzFVzE4HeJeKIHvacSo7AOoDgoALMmmYL6AFFW/dKToGs/kjdV8ItT0LUo0imbd1MR3NWqozsT3kHf6Y3SNm1Rq8I7iMNpEcMtoPXYYAze2JPJLHzmcZ8YN4x/f4yIE5CyngJf0YV5eybZKkIe2gRVX1yrHHQJnxGNWx5YhdTTnDXsrIetUQe/uyXJy1qpx1S7N9yrf 00-90-0b-44-a7-1a

Step 2: import SSH keys on mfusion.

  1. Login to mfusion (
  2. go to ADMIN --> hosts
  3. For new shipments, the hosts should have already been listed under partner entity; if not, just click on "create new" to add a new host of type "mfusion mbox", and select template "Template mbox", then "Create".
  1. After host is created, click on the hostname to edit, click on "Import SSH key", ans paste the mbox host public key string (generated from step #1).

NOTE: make sure the keys are copied starting from "ssh-rsa .... <mac>". And all contents should be in one line, except there's a space after "ssh-rsa" and space before <mac>. First, copy and paste the key contents to a a text edit and eliminate any spaces or line breaks in between, then copy & paste into the box below. And click on "Import key". If you don't see any error message, after a few minutes, you can go to RMM tab to start SSH into your box.