privacy issue with Ads cloud?

RansNet Ads platform is a multi-tenant cloud-based monetization platform, which empowers venue owners and advertising agencies to manage advertising banners (video or image), schedule campaigns, stream ads to target locations at preferred time/date etc, and it provides comprehensive dashboard and statistics report on impressions and click-through rates etc.

Ads platform is hosted by RansNet as a convenient tool for venue owners or advertises to monetize any Wi-Fi infrastructure and engage target audience at finger tips

However, since the ads contents are hosted "in the cloud", is there any concerns on privacy or PDPA?

The answer is NO.

  1. the Ads platform is "multi-tenant", eg. only authorized accounts can login (with 2FA) to the platform, and each respective account is only able to manage its own ads contents within its own permitted containers (or entities) and push the ads contents to its own zones/locations. So there's no risk other people may modify or push unwanted ads to your locations.
  2. the ads contents are meant to be "public", eg. you want these ads contents to go public, and you want all your Wi-Fi or Internet users to see them, publicly. So it doesn't matter if it's hosted in the cloud or your private network (It's probably better in the cloud so that public users don't need to access public ads by entering into your private network...). Most importantly, in the ads platform, there's no end user data (user data is stored and secured in local HSG database). So It's not applicable to PDPA.

Therefore, there's no security or privacy concern at all.