can I have my own portal design?

mbox HSG comes with a set of built-in portal design templates, based on best practices and customer feedbacks from various industries, and each template also allows flexible customization through intuitive web CMS. This is one of the key advantage of our hotspot solution which enables speedy deployment and easy portal branding without any addition costs or effects.

It is highly recommended to use existing portal templates for customer landing/portal page customization. More than 90% of new customers will like one of the templates for their requirements.

However, in some special circumstances, some customers still prefer to have a new portal page design, which may be completely different from the current built-in templates (therefore unable to customize from any of the existing templates). There're a few scenarios to address this:

  1. The new portal design can be generically used as a template for other customers. RansNet will built this as a new template, available for ALL to use, at no extra cost to a particular customer. The lead time is 2-3 weeks.
  2. The new design is too specific and only this particular customer can use. RansNet will built this as a unique portal in our development lab, export out into a file and customer/partner can import it into its own HSG, for this particular site use only. Usually there'll be some customization costs for making this ad-hoc development, depending on the complexity of portal design. The lead time is 2-3 weeks.
  3. Customer/partner can engage 3rd-party developer to design & develop their own portal pages and host on external web server, then use RansNet API to integrate with HSG. Please follow this documentation to integrate.