entity naming convention

In a multi-tenancy setup, partners are allowed to add customer entities under mbox or mfusion portal ADMIN tab, to provision separate entity for each customer and assign login account for each entity, so that each customer is restricted to access their own entity data.

Particularly in a cloud-based deployment, the entity names must be as specific as possible, yet still keep a short-form for easy search, and identify the location with a country code.

Below is the recommended naming conventions format (note no more than 32 total characters)

CompanyFullName(no space)_ShortForm(optional)_CountryCode

For example:






NOTE: the entity naming convention is extremely important as it spans across multiple modules and the entity name can't be changed once added, and later if you delete, all hosts and users belonging to this entity will be deleted too.

If you really have to change entity name, follow below steps:

  1. add new entity with correct naming convention and inheritance,
  2. move existing hosts and users from old entity to the new entity.
  3. move over child entities as well, if any.
  4. delete the old entity.

Note: below data can't be moved and will be deleted once entity is deleted:

  • ads contents (if this entity has ads subscription)
  • CMS contents (if any)
  • MACC contents (if any)
  • Need to re-configure report setting to re-assign the report to new entity