03. HSA technical training

HSA LAB1: Multi-WAN configuration

This video demonstrates how to configure mbox HotSpot Access (HSA-100LTE) Multi-WAN features, to use both primary WAN and LTE connections for load balancing and failover purposes.

  • Interface configuration for WAN and LTE, set different gateway metric for each interface
  • Configure firewall rules. Put both WAN and LTE interfaces in the wan zone
  • Configure load balancing rules
    • Enable MWAN on both interfaces
    • Configure balancing policy, eg. balanced or failover

In balancing policy, both links are set to have the same balancing metric, and they will be actively passing traffic and we can set "weights" to each link based on the link capacity so that traffic can be balanced proportionally based on the respective link capacity.

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HSA LAB2: Ethernet over SSLVPN

This video shows how to configure "Ethernet over SSLVPN" using our SD-WAN appliance HSA-500, to securely bridge two/multiple ethernet networks over any IP connectivity, through LTE (mobile networks) or Internet/MPLS connections. This is a very useful feature to emulate layer-2 Metro-Ethernet service across any service provider WAN, using encrypted SSLVPN tunnels, to empower enterprises to connect remote branches as if using direct ethernet cables. • Configure SSLVPN server on CMG • Configure Multi-WAN link balancing on HSA • Configure SSLVPN client on HSA • Configure Ethernet bridging over SSLVPN tunnels (Ethernet over SSLVPN)

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HSA LAB3: VPN Bonding via OSPF with HSA & CMG

Today we will show how to configure VPN "bonding", which is part of our SD-WAN deployment technique for connecting multiple remote sites to HQ/DC, surely, over redundant WAN connections at emote sites. It uses our CMG at hub end as VPN concentrator, and HSA at each remote end. 1. VPN bonding options: MWAN, OSPF, LACP 2. How to configure VPN bonding using OSPF

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In failover policy, the primary link is having lower balancing metric (therefore active), and when primary is down, the backup link (LTE link) will take over.