Test scheduling

All the tests are by default performed once every 15 minutes (eg. 900 seconds) on a 24x7 basis, however, it's often desirable to change the frequency to suit our different requirements.

There're two parameters we can change the testing scheduling:

1. Change test interval

We can change the interval at the template level, then the change will apply to all hosts using this template; or we can change at host level, which only affects the specific host.

To change template setting, go to Infra Monitoring --> Configuration --> Templates, select "mbox_system", then "items", click on "iperf_upload". Change the interval below to our preferred values. Do the same for other items.

To change host setting, go to Infra Monitoring --> Configuration --> host, select "group", then "host", then then "items", click on "iperf_upload" to change the intervals.

2. Set maintenance period

We can set maintenance period, during which mbox will not run any tests at all. This is very useful to restricts test to run only during certain period of the day.

Example below stops tests from 7am - 10pm for hosts belonging to group M1-IPERF-TEST. Go to Infra Monitoring --> Configuration --> Maintenance, click "Create maintenance period"

3. Run manual tests

For ad-hoc testing, we can run throughput tests manually. Just SSH into mbox, either locally or through mfusion portal, and issues below commands:

on server:

mbox# test server -----------------------------------------------------------Server listening on 5201-----------------------------------------------------------

on client:

mbox# test throughput <results output>