problem with MACC login

Q: I have problem logging into MACC, how to troubleshoot?

A: macc must be able to resolve to a mbox local IP address, either a LAN interface IP or mbox local loopback IP. Please check to make sure below configs exist:



interface loopback


ip address <-- this can be any unique IP in the network


ip host rewrite <-- rewrite to local IP

ip host rewrite <-- rewrite to local IP

ip host mysqldb


Then restart MACC.

mbox# configure

mbox(config)# macc stop

Info: MACC is stopped.

mbox(config)# macc start

Info: starting macc...

Info: MACC is started.

mbox(config)# end

After restart MACC, try to access via mbox GUI again.

If above still can't work, it may be database corrupted and there's a need to do a factory reset.