Can HSG integrate with PMS for hotel guest login?

There are several options to integrate HSG with hotel PMS (for any PMS software)

Costly option (license cost from PMS vendor + additional cost from RansNet)

  1. Use PMS certified interface connector. This will cost money from PMS vendor for the licensing fee and also incur cost from RansNet (because we will be charged by PMS vendor to be certified).

FREE options

  1. Configure PMS (usually done by system integrator) to export guest check in/out records (in xml files) to mbox HSG, and HSG will parse the xml files and insert data into HSG RADIUS database
  2. Configure PMS to export guest check in/out records to an FTP server in csv files, and HSG will periodically (eg. every 5 mins) auto pickup the csv files and parse the data into HSG RADIUS database.
  3. Customize PMS (a bit of development work) to use mbox OpenAPI to directly insert/edit guest check-in/out records into HSG database.

Another FREE alternative is to use our GMC with POS printer to issue guest Wi-Fi voucher.

Integrating PMS through FTP

Most hotel PMS can periodically export out guest check-in/out records to external FTP server, then HSG will periodically pickup the records and update into local authentication database for captive portal login.

There're a few things to take note:

  • the csv file name must remain as "latest_userinfo.csv" when exported out from PMS into FTP.
  • some PMS export format may slightly vary, so it's a must to have a seed/sample csv file to map the PMS fields with HSG local user data fields.
  • when mapping the csv field to HSG database field name, be careful with the date format. Need exact match. eg. 20-11-2019 is dd-mm-YYYY.

Please refer to this video demo for details.