Configure web tests

mbox can simulate as a end device to periodically send web access requests to external web servers, to measure actual user experience in browsing external web sites (eg. download speed, response time etc). This is another very method to measure provider network and link quality.

For web tests, we don't need another mbox as server. The remote server can be any external web servers. This technique can also be used to monitor availability and performance of customer web servers.


  1. Configure mbox as a proxy and provision mbox
  2. Configure "web monitoring" on mbox
  3. Monitor results and generate reports

1. Install and provision mbox

Follow this guide to provision mbox on mfusion portal. But in additional that, we need to add this mbox as a proxy, and use its own proxy while adding host into mfusion.

2. Configure remote (client) mbox for web monitoring

Once the host is provision, go to Infra Monitoring --> Configuration --> Web Monitoring, select "group" then target "host", click on "Create scenarios" to add URLs to be tested.

2. Monitor testing results and report

The testing results can be accessed from Infra Monitoring --> WebMonitoring, then select "group" and "host".

Link performance results (uptime/SLA, latency) can be viewed from Infra Monitoring --> Dashboard --> Host Dashboard --> Link performance

Scheduled report can be created at Infra Monitoring --> Infra Report