mbox firmware upgrade

There are a few upgrade options for upgrading mbox. Please connect to mbox CLI via SSH or Console.

1. check your current version

mbox#show version

NOTE: Sometimes if the current version is not desirable for you, you can roll back to earlier version.

2. check available repository version

mbox#upgrade list <---checks available versions



3. upgrade/download to your desired version

mbox#upgrade 20160505-2330 <---Specify target version here. you can roll back to earlier version or upgrade to the latest version.


  1. sometimes when mysql is running, the upgrade can be slow or even fail. So if mbox is running as MACC, HSG or LOG, it's recommended to stop all processes that require MySQL (eg. macc, radius, hotspot, log-server), save the config (with all processes stopped) and reboot, then proceed to upgrade (check "show mfusion mysql", make sure it's stopped. After upgrade complete successfully, you can start the respective processes again.
  2. it is recommended to reboot mbox after upgrade/downgrade.


Each version notes starts with prefix of RC, BETA, or STABLE

BETA: this version is for internal testing only. DO NOT use it for production

RC: this version is release candidate for coming major release. Can try out the new feature with some risk. Use in a controlled enviornment

STABLE: this version is thoroughly tested and recommended for production use.