hotspot over SD-WAN

This design leverages on our SD-WAN device (HSA-500) to extend its Wi-Fi capability to offer staff or guest WiFi.

The HSA-500 comes with full suit of SD-WAN features, including Multi-WAN connectivity support, load balancing, VPN bonding, optional Dual LTE SIM, dynamic routing etc, at the same time it comes with 802.11ac wave 2 Wi-Fi capability with built-in hotspot access controller, capable of redirecting guest Wi-Fi users to external captive portal for authentication.

HSA-500 is an ideal all-in-one device for multi-purposes at retail outlets, particularly scalable for large distributed deployments with central config management and monitoring capabilities.

Target environments:

  • Retail outlets
  • F&B chains


  • Redundant WAN with bonding (active/active, or active/standby)
  • Multiple LAN ports for local terminals (eg. POS, IPT, PC, etc).
  • Secure VPN tunnel as alternative to traditional MPLS
  • Integrated Wireless 802.11b/g/n/ac for guest WiFi and monetization
    • Social media integration to capture guest profiles
    • CRM/POS integration for premium Wi-Fi
    • WiFi user data analytics and database collection
    • Landing page and in-session ads streaming
  • POS traffic will route through VPN tunnel
  • Guest Wi-Fi traffic will local breakout
  • Stateful firewall inspection for perimeter security protection
  • Integration with mfusion for central management and monitoring