Cloud-hosted portals

Captive portal presents an interactive and customizable web interface for users to login and authenticate to mbox HSG/HSA/MAP, before they're granted with Internet access.

This section focuses on how to manage and customize portals that are hosted on RansNet cloud HSG or service providers' HSG, which are multi-tenanted mbox appliances hosting multiple partners/customers' users, hosts and captive portals.

1. Login to mbox portal

Each partner will be given a partner login ID. After login with partner ID, partner can create customer entity and customer login accounts; customers should get login ID directly from their solution providers (RansNet partners) who would create their respective entity and accounts.

2. Create portal using templates

After login, Go to CMS -> Create New

    1. Fill up the Portal Form. Provide the Portal Name, Template, Entity.
      1. Portal Name: Required Field and only alphanumeric is accepted.
      2. Template: Required Field. This is your template source, template that you want to use and customize
      3. Entity: Required Field. This is where you want your portal be assigned with. All users attached to your entity will be able to delete, edit the portal.
    2. Click Create to save your new Portal. You portal URl will be<entityname>/<portalname>/login.php

Another way to create portal is to preview and select your preferred templates. Go to CMS -> Left Side Menu -> Templates

    1. From the list of templates, you can choose your source template.
    2. Click the button “Use”, for the template of your choice.
    3. Click the button “Preview” if you want to see a clearer picture of the template.
    4. Provide all the necessary information in the form. The Portal name and the Entity. (See above for the explanation of each field)
    5. Click “Create” to save the new portal.

3. Customizing your Captive Portals

    1. As Super Admin / Admin, Go to CMS. You will see the list of Captive Portals you created and all Portals created within your child/customer entities.
    2. From the list, choose the Portal to edit , just click the “Edit” Button.
    3. In the Edit Form, do all the necessary customizations.
    4. Click “Preview” if you want to check how it looks like before Saving. “Save Changes” to save it once you've finalized the customization. Changes will be automatically applied to end users.