restrict usage per day/week/month

Q: We want to offer free Wi-Fi in a shopping mall. Because some people may stay whole day in a mall without purchasing anything. We want to just give 60 minutes free access per day.

  1. After 60 minutes free usage time, the visitor must be kicked off and blocked by HSG for rest of the day. Then next day, the same visitor can use free for 60 minutes again.
  2. If a visitor wants more access (more than the free 60 minutes) on the same day, he can purchase something and get an access voucher for another 60 minutes.

How do we achieve above objectives?

A: First, you need to define a profile called "Time-User-Daily-1Hour", which uses "Access-time: Time per day" setting under "Access Info" tab.

Click on "Update" once done.

For the Free users (scenario #1), typically you'd use a ToS portal (eg. ToSRFB), the portal has an embedded userid called "demouser", then you can attach above profile to demouser. This will apply to all free users.

NOTE: mbox HSG can differentiate individual device by a combination of userid and MAC address, so it will enforce the restrictions to individual devices even if they all share the same userid and login at different times.

For purchased users (senario #2), usually the shop owner or front desk (or shopping mall information counter) will access to mbox Guest Management Console, then select the "Daily 1Hour" profile (created earlier) to issue vouchers for continued access.

We can have a landing page (login portal) for free user (generated from ToS template) and purchased user (generated from Login template), or we can have a landing page combining both login options on the same portal (eg. ToS on the left, Login on the right).