8. HSA HotSpot configuration

HSA comes with built-in HotSpot Access Controller, which includes firewall, DHCP, bandwidth control features for each hotspot instance. But unlike HSG, HSA has no built-in RADIUS and Captive Portals, but it can work with external HSG for user login portal and authentication.

HSA works with any HSG models, where both RADIUS/AAA and Captive portal can be hosted. It also works with cloud monetization server for ads streaming via both landing page ads and in-session ads, there’re a few things to take note:

  1. HotSpot configuration is done through CLI, via local SSH or through mfusion portal. See details on how to get access to HSA. (Note HSA-500 also has console port). HSA HotSpot CLI syntax is the same as HSG.
  2. For customers with multiple remote sites (multiple HSA), a central HSG can be deployed to support all sites.


    1. Setup all basic configuration. eg. Wireless setting, network/interface settings, firewall, etc. See details.
    2. Configuration HotSpot features. The HSA hotspot CLI is similar to HSG. Refer to HotSpot Config.
    3. To support social sign-in, the portal URL needs to be "splash.ransnet.com" or (something that you apply for your own), but we need to configure DNS rewrite for this URL to point to the actual HSG IP address
    4. On the HSG side, you need to:
  • provision a new portal for the HSA
  • add the HSA WAN IP as a RADIUS client
  • permit inbound TCP/80/443 (for portal access), and UDP/1812/1813 (for RADIUS authentication)


HSA-500# show running-config


hostname HSA-500


ip host portal.ransnet.com <mfusionip>

ip host splash.ransnet.com <hsgip> rewrite


security hotspot br-mbox

hotspot-owner RansNet

hotspot-server ports 5010 5011

allowed-domain .facebook.com,.facebook.net,.akamaihd.net,.ransnet.com,.fbcdn.net,.ransnet.com

allowed-url www.ransnet.com


client-dhcp lease 1800


client-bandwidth 2048000 2048000

client-timeout 1800

hotspot-portal http://<hsgip>/pid/hsademo/login.php

radius-server <hsgip> testing123