01. RansNet sales training

RansNet product introduction

This video briefly introduces the various products developed and offered by RansNet.

- mfusion cloud monitoring and management platform

- Cloud Managed Gateway (enterprise router and Multi-WAN link balancer)

- HotSpot Gateway (Captive portal, AAA/RADIUS, data analytic, Wi-Fi advertising, etc)

- HotSpot Access (retail outlet wireless router, with captive portal support)

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mbox hotspot solutions for hospitalities

This session is to talk about RansNet mbox solutions for hospitality industries, particularly on below features:

- All-in-one integrated architecture (hotspot gateway + AP)

- Hotel PMS integration

- Payment gateway integration

- Guest management console with printer

- Social media signin integration

- Live ads injection and messages notification

- All guest access control capabilities

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mbox hotspot solutions for retail, F&B (getting the most out of free Guest Wi-Fi)

In this weekly sales session, we will highlight on some of the key features that mbox Wi-Fi solutions can benefit Retail F&B venues:

- Using mbox guest Wi-Fi solutions to attract more customers

- Collect customer contacts through social media logins

- CMS customisable login portal and profile-based landing pages

- In-store advertising via live ads injection

- Targeted email & SMS campaigns at fingertips

It will be a short session of max 30 mins. Please forward this invite to your colleagues or partners or customers, whoever might be relevant to this update. We hope to see you in the update!

Please note following weekly session (16 Nov) will be technical training on "Configure mbox Access Points for hotspot access". A separate invite will be sent prior to the session.

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Successful Case Studies on mbox HotSpot Solutions

This session includes more than 10 successful stories with well-known companies on implementing mbox hotspot solutions and we will highlight the following industries:

- Airport & exhibition center

- Leisure & Hospitality

- Retails and F&B

- Tourism

- Institution

- Banking

- Transportation

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Live demo: running marketing campaigns with mbox social Wi-Fi

This video demonstrates how to run marketing campaigns using mbox social Wi-Fi capabilities

- User data capture from social media log-in

- Auto user profiling-grouping

- Targeted campaigns using E-mail, SMS or social media

- Live Ads injection

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Sales update: Monetize Wi-Fi through RansNet hotspot solutions

This video demonstrates how to run marketing campaigns using mbox social Wi-Fi capabilities

  • Built-in template with web CMS for easy portal customizations
  • User data profile collection through self-signup or social media logins
  • On-board video advertising
  • Profile-based landing page ads
  • In-session ads/message injection
  • Profile-based email/SMS campaigns
  • Premium Wi-Fi purchcase through payment gateway integration
  • Revenue sharing with iPass connect for global travelers

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Sales update: Media-In-Box Bus Wi-Fi Solution

This video is to introduce RansNet Media-In-Box bus Wi-Fi solution

  • Dual-SIM mobile backhaul
  • Dual band W-Fi (802.11b/g/n/ac)
  • Comprehensive Wi-Fi marketing features
  • Cloud management controller
  • Cloud CMS with local media storage
  • Social media sign, Email/SMS OTP
  • Cloud Ads server platform

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