Dial 3G/4G USB dongle

mbox supports USB dongle with 3G/4G SIM card for Internet access. Just plug in the USB dongle with working 3G/4G SIM card into one of the USB port on mbox, and follow below configuration instructions to dial Internet connections.

It is important to note that different vendor USB modems behave differently. Most USB modems are shown/detected as multiple /dev/ttyUSBx modems, and usually it's OK to use either modem port to dial the connection (especially Huawei dongles), so the configuration is automatic and requires very little optional parameters. But some lower cost dongles such as Prolink dongle only works with one of the Interface, sometimes on /dev/ttyUSB1,sometimes ttyUSB2 or ttyUSB3 (depends on your luck :)). In such case, we need to test on each one, until it works. Once connection is up, mbox creates a ppp0 interface to represent the 3G/4G connection.


    • plug in the 3G/LTE dongle into one of the mbox USB port, wait for up to 5 seconds
    • configure mobile dialing parameters
    • configure other firewall and address settings


enableconfiguremobile apn isp_apn_nameusername modem_portusername usernamepassword passwordstart/stop


mbox> enablembox#mbox# configurembox(config)# mobile apn sunsurfmbox(config-mobile-internet)# modem ttyUSB0mbox(config-mobile-internet)# startmbox(config-mobile-internet)# endmbox# show ip interface brief Interface IP_Address NetMask Broadcast MAC_Address --------------------------------------------------------------------------------eth0 00:E0:6F:27:46:DFeth1 NON-IP NON-IP NON-IP 00:E0:6F:27:46:E0lo 00:00:00:00:00:00ppp0 00:00:00:00:00:00