Accessing mbox portal

Customers using HSG will have access to a RADIUS portal to manage user accounts, retrieve user access records, etc. Some details on RADIUS are here.

By default, every mbox can be managed from mfusion portal. When an mbox is online (either CMG, HSG or HSA), it will automatically initiate a secure SSH tunnel back to mfusion portal for monitoring and remote management purpose. All monitoring and managed data is passed and encrypted inside the SSH tunnel.


mfusion is a super-tenanted platform that allows customers and partners to access to their respective devices from the portal. Each customer will be given a login account to mfusion portal, to access and monitor devices/mbox that belong to their organizations only; each partner will also be given to a login account, to access all their customers devices that are covered within the partners’ managed service scope.

Logging to mfusion portal

With an mfusion account, customer/partner can go to, login with their pre-assigned accounts (all login accounts will be provided through separate channels).


Accessing to customer dashboard

Every customer devices are listed in a dashboard, named after customer organization name. Once login, on the left menu, click on “Infra Monitoring” → “MIM Dashboard”. Click on the upper right corner to select each customer dashboard. Typically, when login as a customer account, there’s only one dashboard; when login as a partner account, all customers dashboards managed by the partner are listed there. We can type some keywords, the filter will auto narrow down the search.


Accessing to mbox RADIUS portal

Each row of the dashboard represents an mbox (or other router if there are other devices monitored for this customer). We can click on the mbox hostname, a context menu will pop up, then click “mbox - User Access Manager (RADIUS)”.

Once we click on the RADIUS menu, a new window/portal will pop up for RADIUS portal. For added security, we will be asked to login again with pre-assigned credentials. Login with the given accounts and click on “Login”.

Once logged, we can see there are four main horizontal tabs:

    • Management. This tab allows us to manage user accounts and access profiles.
    • Reports. This tab allows us to search and report some live user connection status.
    • Accounting. This tab provide detail access records for each user, IP or NAS IP address.
    • Graphs. This tab allows us to graph historical access data into different charts.