General network settings

Configure time/NTP

Having a consistent time across all the network devices is particularly important for syslogging and RADIUS access recording accuracy. NTP is the best tool to achieve such objective.

mbox can function as a NTP client (sync time from an external NTP server), or as a NTP server (provide time source to other NTP client). We can configure mbox as both an NTP server and client at the same time.

1. first use "clock timezone" command under enable mode to set correct system timezone. Follow the prompt to complete selection.

mbox# clock timezone

2. Configure mbox as a NTP client, to sync time with an external NTP server (or two servers).

!ip ntp-server!

3. Configure mbox as a NTP server, to provide time source to clients coming from configured subnets.

!ip ntp-client ntp-client!firewall-input 100 permit all udp dport 123 remarks "permit incoming NTP sync requests"!

PS: to manually set time, under enable model, use below command

!mbox# clock set <HHMM> <DAY> <MONTH> <YEAR>