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Quick mbox deployment

The easiest way to deploy mbox HotSpot Gateway (HSG) or HotSpot Access (HSA) is to restore sample configs from our online documentation. Choose the nearest senario that matches your requirement, restore its sample config and make small setting changes from there (eg. IP address changes etc).

  1. follow this video guide to deploy HSG by restoring from sample config
  2. follow this video guide to deploy HSA by restoring from sample config

Quick references for hotspot deployment (HSG)

Follow the video guides to quickly customize captive portal, enable Wi-Fi marketing features and manage mbox from mfusion.

https://youtu.be/yrjAkt8XkT8 (create captive portal using CMS)https://youtu.be/_tUi5Atwi-c (enable email OTP login)https://youtu.be/NhtW8838_QA (enable social media login)https://youtu.be/zdFZ3Hj7KW0 (enable SMS OTP login)https://youtu.be/H-9uOZJUTgs (user access control)https://youtu.be/xot1xt-PqGA (monetize Wi-Fi with landing page ads)https://youtu.be/iFoPUsO4TII (monetize Wi-Fi with in-session ads)https://youtu.be/JbTxkfwMUIY (monetize Wi-Fi with user engagement)https://youtu.be/IMI_OriwZdo (mfusion cloud management)https://youtu.be/d6gO2ZDvfws (mbox disaster recovery management)

Quick references for SD-WAN deployment (HSA+CMG)

Below links summarize the typical features/steps required for most common SD-WAN deployments

VPN bonding via OSPFEthernet over VPN (L2VPN)L2VPN with Bonding via OSPF

Advanced: accessing mbox via CLI

For advanced engineers, you may want to access to mbox Command Line Interface (CLI) to configure advanced features for complex deployment scenarios, or to perform in-depth troubleshooting.

To access mbox CLI, you can use serial console with DB9 female connector or access using SSH

  • Console access. Use serial console cable with DB9 female connector with Baud rate: 19200 (Note: for HSA, it's 115200, for MAP, it's 9600).
  • SSH Access. Connect to mbox ETH2 using a UTP cross/straight cable. ETH2 is pre-configured with IP address, from here you can ccess mbox using SSH. (For HSA, you can connect to any of LAN port, the default IP is SSH to mbox with support/Letmein99.

Please refer to this link for more details on using CLI syntax

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