Command Line Interface (CLI)

mbox CLI modes

mbox Command Line Interface (CLI) provides an intuitive way to manage mbox configurations. There are 4 main modes:

    1. unprivileged (ready-only) mode. This is the default mode upon initial login (eg. login with support, through console or SSH)
    2. privileged (enabled) model. Under read-only mode, enter "enable", followed by enable password to enter enable mode.
    3. Configure mode. This is where we start our configuration. Type "configure" under enable mode.
    4. Context mode. This is where you configure individual parameters for each configs, eg. interface settings, dhcp scope, etc.

mbox CLI shortcuts

There're some interesting short-cut handy keys you can use to make your working with mBox CLI extremely easy and fast.

Note: for context-based commands, such as "ip dhcp-server xxx" and "security hotspot xxx", where there're subcommands underneath, if you want to modify sub-commands, typically you will copy out the portion of config to a textpad, remove the whole context first and paste back the changes.

For example, if we want to change any setting in the context below, we use "no security hotspot vlan900", change the parameter settings and paste back the whole config under configure model.

-----security hotspot vlan900description "Wireless@SG Captive Portal"hotspot-id xxx01 location xxxhotspot-wan br0hotspot-server ports 5000 5001client-network lease 900client-bandwidth 2097152 2097152radius-server localhost testing123hotspot-online-portal