About RansNet mbox product family

Powerful cloud manageable appliance

mbox is a high performance network appliance designed for serious enterprises, fully featured with all the advanced networking & security technologies, such as ethernet switching, TCP/IP routing, virtual private networking, stateful firewall inspection and user access control etc. Running on hardened Linux kernel and installed with a series of proprietary applications, mBox produces extremely high performance, manageability, reliability and security, all packed in a purpose-built industrial grade computing platform.

In the mbox product family, there are three series of offerings:

    • Cloud Managed Gateway (CMG). CMG is meant to be deployed as an integrated gateway/CPE appliance, with router & firewall & Proxy/Caching all in one device, saving costs for additional router and firewall, while enjoying maximum performance and reducing point of failures. Refer to datasheet for hardware details.
    • HotSpot Gateway (HSG). HSG is designed to allow businesses to provide internet access for their customers. Designed with customizable login portals (or captive portals) and a variety of deployment options, mbox HSG series allows enterprise to offer flexible and differentiated Internet access for guests, VIP members or visitors. Refer to datasheet for hardware details.
    • HotSpot Access (HSA). HSA is designed to be an all-in-one access gateway for smaller network environment, providing router, firewall, wireless and hotspot access control features in a single cost-effective box. Refer to datasheet for hardware details.

Please refer to this link for a list of features for each model and feature comparisons.

Secure and Fast

As a technology vendor of strong networking fundamentals, RansNet has developed mbox with robust networking and security features, being a perfect gateway appliance for any sizes of enterprise networks.

Below are the integrated networking functionalities for mbox HSG, making mbox as an ideal Internet gateway or Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

    • Support 3G/4G/NGBN/Ethernet DSL/PPPoE WAN connectivity
    • Multiple GE Ports, high performance, up to 6 Gbps throughput (depending on model)
    • Support IPv4, IPv6, Static route, OSPF/BGP.
    • Integrated stateful firewall inspection for perimeter security
    • Support Virtual Private Network (VPN) protocols, such as IPSec, SSL, GRE, L2TPv3.
    • Support redundancy or High Availability using VRRP protocol
    • Supports policy-based routing and multiple WAN link balancing (outbound)
    • HotSpot access controller, captive portal and AAA
    • Seamless integration with mfusion for plug-and-play deployment and cloud management & monitoring


    1. when mbox is deployed at the Internet edge, it is not necessary to have another Internet router for WAN connectivity, since mbox itself is a very efficient and powerful router; and because mbox also performs stateful firewall inspection, it is optional to have another firewall, unless some other specific firewall features are needed. mbox performs a lot better throughput than many other peering security products.
    2. mbox HSA does not support WAN balancing.
    3. mbox HSA only has HotSpot Access Controller, no captive portal, no AAA server.

Integration with mfusion for cloud monitoring and management

mbox tightly integrates with the mfusion platform bringing revolutionary capabilities for service providers to massively deploy and manage large amount of CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) devices at fingertips. In addition to its feature-rich gateway capabilities and superior performance, mbox's zero-config deployment and cloud configuration templates significantly reduces providers installation costs and dramatically increases operating efficiency. mbox has been deployed in all the top hospitals in Singapore and some of the largest malls and stores etc, providing secure Internet access for over two million users each day.

Once an mbox is online, it will initiate an secure SSH tunnel to mfusion platform, regardless if it’s using static or dynamic IP addresses. The mbox will authenticate itself to mfusion using server RSA public keys and identify itself using its unique MAC address. (NOTE: this is another dedicated SSH tunnel, separate from the SSH tunnel used to communicate with HSG.)

The monitoring agent within each mbox tracks the link availability, bandwidth usage and mbox performance in real-time, and forwards the monitoring data through the secure SSH tunnel. Then administrator can also manage the mbox remotely from mfusion portal using the same SSH tunnel.

cloud management.jpeg