upgrade legacy mbox

Sometimes we may want to upgrade our legacy mbox to the latest version, particularly to include new default profiles and GUI changes etc. So it's necessary to reset the legacy database and start from scratch to get a fresh new box with the latest features.

Please follow below steps:

1. reset your current RADIUS database using CLI, "configure" --> "security radius-server" --> "data-reset"

2. upgrade your mbox to the latest version

- run upgrade first, then reboot

- upgrade list (you'll be asked to enter passcode)

- upgrade <version>. Chose the latest version. The versions are in data format so choose the nearest date.

- upgrade hotspot. This updates GUI stuff.

3. reboot

You can now login to mbox GUI for final access.

NOTE: in step 1, data-reset will erase all existing RADIUS data, including both user accounts, custom profiles (if any) and user access records. If legacy data is important to you, please skip step #1.