bootstrap MAP to register with MACC

1. console to MAP console port (using baud rate 9600), login with admin and enable password admin

2. delete existing config (in case MAP is ever used elsewhere). under enable mode, delete config.text, reload, to reboot MAP.

NOTE: If there's a need to set static IP for MAP, just configure under "interface bvi 1" to set static IP. In this case, it's necessary to set default route also.

Bootstraping of MAP depends on the deployment/design scenarios. For a brief overview of the possible topologies, you can refer to this video guide here.

Scenario 1: register with RansNet cloud HSG-MACC

RansNet hosts cloud HSG/MACC with publicly accessible URL (, bootstrap your the MAP with below configs:

!cwmp acs url cpe inform interval 300 no cpe back-up!log_mng set uu set upd 300!interface BVI 1 ip address dhcp!

Scenario 2: register with private cloud HSG-MACC

When customers or partners may want to host their own private cloud HSG/MACC to manage many remote MAPs, just make sure the central/cloud HSG is accessible by all remote MAPs with a static IP address. Then on each MAP, load in below default cwmp configs (replace the IP here with actual HSG IP)

!! cwmp acs url cpe inform interval 300 no cpe back-up!log_mng set up HTTPlog_mng set uu set upd 300!!interface BVI 1 ip address dhcp!

Scenario 3: register with on-premise HSG.

In this case, HSG will issue DHCP IP to MAP from default VLAN, add below configure to HSG to rewrite MAP DNS requests, so that when MAP requests to register with from its default command, the actual request goes to local HSG/MACC instead.

In this case, bootstrap your MAP with default configs as in Scenario #1, then configure below related commands on HSG.

!interface eth1 description "trunk to LAN" enable ip address dhcp-server dns range!interface loopback enable ip address!ip dhcp-server start!ip host rewrite!macc start!firewall-dnat 10 redirect all udp dport 53 src!firewall-input 20 permit all udp dport 53 src!

Alternatively, you may just configure your MAP similar to Scenario #2, then there's no need to do DNS rewrite on HSG.